The No Diet Cookbook
Learn to Eat for Health and Pleasure

Christine M. Okezie, Certified Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach and Natural Foods Chef, shows you how unleash the healing power of a delicious, whole foods lifestyle. 

The No Diet Cookbook outlines how Christine transformed her life  with healthy eating and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • Which foods you are eating that are likely keeping you sick, overweight and from feeling your best
  • Over 85 simple, scrumptious recipes that show you that you don't have to sacrifice  flavor for health
  • What foods to eat that can help your body feel more in balance and eliminate many unwanted health symptoms
  • Revolutionary strategies for unleashing your full metabolic potential that go beyond food
  • The top Food Myths that are keeping you stuck and how to up your Nutrition IQ
  • How to stock your healthy kitchen pantry and what basic cooking essentials you need
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Christine M. Okezie

About Christine M. Okezie

After overcoming post baby weight gain, sugar cravings, fatigue, emotional eating and a  personal health scare by discovering the power of eating whole natural foods, Christine Okezie immersed herself in studying the connection between food and healing and became a Natural Foods Chef and Certified Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach.  Okezie has continued to share her knowledge and passion for health through her private coaching practice, culinary demonstrations, nutrition workshops and cooking classes.  She provides her clients with the tools to develop a personalized roadmap to live their best health.  Okezie does not believe in  quick-­‐fixes or a one-­size-­fits-all approach to weight loss but rather a journey to understanding your true self and the food choices you make. Her solutions are designed to inspire positive personal transformation from the inside out.      

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